Welcome to Jokadi

Jokadi is an original campaign setting with the following themes:

  • Evil is on the inside, not the out. “Monsters” are people too, and roam cities right alongside the “good” races. No one is presumed evil just because of what they are. Rather, just like in the real world, denizens of this realm must examine a being’s actions and draw their conclusions from that.
  • The gods are definitely there. Gods are absolutely involved in the goings on of the world and their followers, manifesting visions, avatars, and miracles. Problem is, none of them are all-powerful, and they like to oppose each other. In order to not destroy the world, they mostly operate through their priests, clerics, and other pious devotees. Mostly.
  • There is balance in the Force. Evil is everywhere, but so is good. People band together, work for the best of the whole, sacrifice for each other. It does happen, and for every evil tyrant and dark empire, there is (or has been, or will be) a benevolent ruler and Utopian kingdom.